Recording and Rehearsal Studios in Plymouth

Recording and Rehearsal Studios in Plymouth

The tuition we provide here at Singing Lessons Plymouth acts as the foundation to any successful career in singing, and the recording studio is where the next journey begins. Nothing gives us more joy than when one of our students achieves their first goal in the pathway to stardom, with the creation of that first EP. We encourage all students to aim for this fantastic experience, and with such a profound range of establishments right here in Plymouth, there really is no excuse not to get introduced to the world of recording studios right away. While it may prove a nerve-wracking experience to most newcomers, it is a highly educational, inspirational, and most importantly, enjoyable, experience to be had by any aspiring singer. Here is a list of local recording studios we have compiled for you, with varying qualities to accommodate for all singers, from the personal relationship to the inexpensive to the luxurious...

April Media Productions

April Media Productions was founded in 1993 in Plymouth. This highly professional organisation seeks to aid customers throughout the process of recording to production to copying the final product. This company is sure to satisfy every client, by specialising in sound recording and visual production and featuring all the best recording and post-production services. April Media Productions cater for a wide range of clients of all different levels of ability, from solo artists to commercial organisations (such as that of record labels). In addition, every musical style is embraced by this company, from the likes of Rock to Classical. The vast range of services on offer is comprised of: audio multi-track recording, mixing, editing, mastering, voice-overs, production training, and studio gift experiences, amongst many others. Open seven days a week to enhance convenience, this studio can be found at April Media Productions, 9 The Mews, off Collingwood Road, Stoke, Plymouth, Devon, PL1 5NY.

The Studio Music

The Studio is comprised of recording and rehearsing facilities, separated into three rooms. The company offers a highly personal business experience by maintaining a close and caring relationship with clients, allowing the creation of a product that completely satisfies the goals and expectations of all musicians involved. Not only this, but the company aims to save you cash by offering cheaper fees and package deals which can result in such discounts as that of a cheaper rate in the manufacturing of CDs. Recording rates are £15 per hour and Production and Mastering are a mere £12.50 per hour. The company accommodates for both bands and individual musicians, with a separate room for each, and has served the likes of punk band The King Blues in past years. Based very close to the city centre, you can find the studio at the following address: First Floor Right, 16-18 Stonehouse Street, Plymouth, PL1 3PE.

Plymouth Music Collective 

PMC are primarily focused on offering their clients the cheapest rates possible, on a strictly not-for-profit basis. This company retains community values close to its core business principles, offering affordable Rehearsal and Recording spaces to the locals in Plymouth and the surrounding areas since 1988. The site is constituted of one Recording Studio, six Rehearsal Rooms and Equipment Storage Space. Services on offer vary from Live Music Promotion and Event Management to PA Hire to Guitar Amp Repair and Musical Equipment Sales. Recording Studios are £13 an hour, and Rehearsal Rooms cost £3.75 an hour and the studio is open from 1 pm- 10 pm, for seven days a week. Find them at Plymouth Music Collective, 21 - 25 St Johns Road, Cattedown, Plymouth, PL4 0PA.

Goodmerry Studios 

This haven for Recording Studios features a digital recording studio, rehearsal rooms, a mix engineer, and even accommodation on site, located in the beautiful countryside. Musicians are presented with three studio rooms fitted with recording and backline equipment within this luxurious complex. Goodmerry pride themselves on the relaxed and professional environment created within their studios, and they are fully committed to the creation of the best product possible, and fulfilment of each musician. With fast transport links to Plymouth, clients can immerse themselves in the inspirational local music scene comprised of pubs and clubs. Situated near Plymouth, on the border between Devon and Cornwall, this studio can be found at Goodmerry Farm, St.Ive, Liskeard, Cornwall, PL14 3SH.

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