Plymouth Singing Lessons

Plymouth Singing Lessons

I know just how it feels before you go your first singing lesson - It can be a little bit daunting! Especially if you are someone who only sings in the shower and isn't the most confident when singing in front of other people - you have absolutely nothing to worry about though! Great teachers have a way of relaxing you helping you forget your nerves and focus on developing your voice to it's full potential.

I have taught many many beginners over the years and have some fantastic exercises that will help you develop your singing confidence as well as vocal performance. We will use the songs that you love to develop your singing ability and through structured lessons we will really get to grips with how you want to use your vocal chords to get a fantastic tone. To book your first lesson or to simply find out more don't hesitate to ring 03458 690679!

Express Learning

My lessons are focused on helping my students learn through the music that they are passionate about, whether that is pop, rock, folk or other genres. During our lessons I will help you to build confidence, vocal strength and tone. This will be done not only through core vocal exercises and warm ups, but also through gaining a greater knowledge of how the voice itself works.

If this sounds like the right tuition for you simply get in touch by calling 03458 690679 to book your first lesson.

Learn to Sing
Kate is a brilliant vocal coach here in Plymouth! She taught me to sing in her relaxed and exciting lessons, helping me develop my confidence and build up my vocal strength!