Famous bands from Plymouth

Famous bands from Plymouth

Devon is homeland to some of the most profound artists in Britain and seemingly appears to be the recurring factor in the emergence of up-and-coming bands in recent years. Here at Singing Lessons Plymouth, we recommend our students gain a wider knowledge of the fantastic singers rooted in Devonshire. We deem it to be of great importance that all students gain an appreciation of the musical culture they are surrounded by, and the wealth of opportunity here in Devon, utilised by their very idols in former years. These singers are guaranteed to provide aspiring vocalists a multitude of inspiration and will help our students develop their own style of singing. We have cherry-picked a range of Devonshire singers and detailed their biographies right here for you so that you can gain a better understanding of the journey they have travelled from the quiet pastures of Devon to the roaring crowds of London. So sit back and read on about the various genres of music that have emerged from this peaceful county, from Space Rock to Folk music...

Ben Howard

This year's favourite at the BRIT awards, Ben Howard, was born in London and raised in Totnes, Devon. From an early age, he was introduced by his musical parents to such musicians as that of Van Morrison, Joni Mitchell and Simon & Garfunkel. By listening to these influential artists from the 60s and 70s, Howard developed the love for song-writing at the ripe age of ten years old. He soon transferred his musical abilities to guitar-playing, also continuing with his song-writing well into his teens. After abandoning a short-lived attempt to study Journalism at University College Falmouth, Howard reconciled with his true love, and proceeded to throw himself into the musical industry. Howard soon developed his characteristic folky style, and began delving into darker lyrics, spreading his sound around the Devonshire county. He quickly rose to popularity, becoming renowned in other regions of the UK. After selling-out on performances for a month accross the UK and Europe and self-releasing his debut EP Games in the Dark, Island Records asked Ben to sign up to their record label. Since then, he has released his first album Every Kingdom featuring  his major tracks "The Wolves" and "Keep Your Head Up".


This world-famous rock band was formed in 1994, in Teignmouth, Devon by a trio of school friends, Matthew Bellamy (lead vocals, lead guitar, piano) , Christopher Wolstenholme (base guitar, vocals, keyboard), and Dominic Howard (drums). Their distinct sound combines an eclectic range of genres, from Space-Rock to Classical Music. After releasing their infamous album Black Holes and Revelations, the band shot to fame, having already released three profound albums in previous years. The albums Showbiz (2001), Origin of Symmetry (2006) and Absolution are seemingly less well-known. The band has sought to promote these through such performances as that of their headlining set at Reading and Leeds festival in 2011 in which the set focused solely on the album Origin of Symmetry. Since 2006, Muse have released The Resistance (2009) and The Second Law (2012) alongside three live albums Hullabaloo Soundtrack (2002), the Absolution Tour (2005) and HAARP (2008) which encapsulates the 2007 Wembley performance. As you can see, Muse are a highly accomplished band, acclaimed for their energetic live shows, and can add such performances as that of the London 2012 Olympics opening ceremony to the list of their achievements. The band are also the proud owners of a Grammy award, five MTV Europe Music Awards, two BRITs and eight NME awards, to name but a few. 

Chris Martin of Coldplay

Arguably one of Britain's most famous musical attributes, Chris Martin of the legendary band Coldplay, was born and raised in Whitestone, Exeter. Among his many musical abilities are singing, song-writing, piano-playing and guitar-playing for Coldplay.  It was at Preparatory Exeter Cathedral School that Martin began his first band, The Rocking Honkies, with school friends Nick Repton and Iwan Gronow. Progressing to his next school, Chris met future band manager, Phil Harvey, and then met future Coldplay bandmates at university. Jonny Buckland, Will Champion, and Guy Berryman went on with Chris in 1998 to create one of the most famous bands of this generation. Chris professes to have been so strongly influenced by such bands as that of Travis and U2 that he attributes the creation of the band to the great inspiration they provided. Since the release of their debut album Parachutes in 2000, Coldplay have become a world-wide household name, also recognised for such prestigious albums as A Rush of Blood to the Head, X&Y, and Viva La Vida amongst many others. The band received a Grammy Award for "Record of the Year" with "Clocks"  in 2004.

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